Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Stop Think & React

This is the first of a number of articles scheduled for 2014 from members of the C&D team and is the work of new C&D member Brent Gill, currently working on site at Stone.

I was thinking about Michael Schumacher, like many people I’m sure in recent times. Whilst not wishing to state the obvious, thank the Lord he had the correct head gear on. Unfortunately, it could only lessen the impact to the head and not totally eradicate it. The impact of his accident on his family and friends is immeasurable and will be for many months, if not years. This quite easily can happen to you and your family whilst at work or play!

Mr Schumacher is fighting for his life with his family around his bedside. How many “if only’s” have been spoken, how many tears have been shed? No one sets out to die or seriously hurt themselves, but IT STILL HAPPENS every day at work and play.

But you can minimise the risk. USE your P.P.E. AND MAINTAIN IT IN A GOOD CONDITION. It can save your life on a daily basis at work. Then, take your training on holiday with you, use it in your daily activities when you are not working - and assess the situation. If you wouldn’t do it at work, don’t risk it at home or on holidays.

Mr Schumacher, with a suitable guide, went “off piste” for added thrills, whilst this is not for everyone certainly it would appeal to thrill seekers and experienced skiers.

Overconfidence can be a killer and that is why there is still a requirement to cover all the risks even when the task in hand is routine. Going “off piste” equates to working “off the cuff” or working without suitable Risk Assessments and Method Statements.

Please think of your families and follow ‘good practice’. Ensure you have the correct Paperwork, P.P.E. AND ALL (IF ANY) QUESTIONS ANSWERED BY YOUR SUPERVISOR PRIOR TO COMMENCING WORK. Any deviations from your method and risk assessments should be reassessed and a revised method and risk assessment should be in place. Don’t be a statistic Stop Think and React and we all can be STaRs.

Any training requirements can be met by C&D Consultancy.

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