Friday, February 28, 2014

NDTG release CPCS Demolition Plant Renewal Test revision material

Juts like ourselves, the NDTG have seen the benefit of toolbox talk-like presentations, and this one will benefit anyone taking the CPCS Demolition Plant Renewal Test.

The NDTG has created a Demolition Plant Toolbox Presentation to help supplement the admittedly rather limited revision material already available. Although not a video, the presentation consists of 15 helpful PowerPoint slides, which can be used independently to supplement your training.

Here's the description of what's included taken from the NDTG:

"The presentation is organsised in 6 core topic areas: General Responsibilities, Using Attachments, Demolishing Safely, Machine Preparation, Working at Height and Working Restrictions and Working Efficiently. Each topic is made up of 'factual statements'. It is the responsibility of an in-house competent person to work through the revision material with the candidate(s) who are due to take the test. The NDTG recommends that an employer prepares a candidate for his/her renewal test well in advance of the test date. This can be done by downloading the relevant CPCS Fact Sheet and also working through the presentation if the candidate is taking the Demolition Plant Category."

The presentation is free to download and just requires the ability to view a PowerPoint presentation.

Source: NDTG

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