Thursday, March 27, 2014

Skin cancer claims the life of Homeland actor James Rebhorn

You could not have failed to notice the news coverage earlier this week about the death of well-known actor James Rebhorn. He was only 65, and his life was cut short by melanoma--skin cancer.

Rebhorn was actually diagnosed with melanoma back in 1992, and it certainly didn't slow him down work wise. He completed over 50 movies, including Independence Day, Basic Instinct, Cold Mountain, and Scent of a Woman. Most recently he was seen across all three seasons of the hit TV series Homeland.

He clearly had a lot to give, and would have continued doing so for many years to come if it wasn't for the skin cancer. So, train your guys to understand the effects of the sun and the need to apply sunscreen. If they are working in the sun then the risk of skin cancer needs to be addressed.

Source: Reuters

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