Monday, June 2, 2014

Asbestos widows need help finding our what killed their husbands

Two widows, two husbands who died in their early 70's, both from mesothelioma.

Before their death no investigation was undertaken into what caused their illness, but one of the husbands, Michael Chase, recalled being exposed to asbestos dust at work in the 1980's. The other husband, Bernard Allen, remembered being exposed to the deadly dust in 1974.

The problem now is to trace back both men's working lives, find witnesses, and try and get some form of closure for the grieving widows. With that in mind, solicitor, Helen Grady of Novum Law is doing the ground work and tracing back to the time period where the exposure happened. Michael was working at the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary and then the Charles Cross Station in Plymouth when his exposure occurred. Bernard was working at the Kneels Laundry Services based at Cowley Bridge in Exeter.

If you have any information relating to those locations, the time periods, and the two men in question, then please get in touch with Shirley Chase on 01752 224 367. Even the smallest nugget of information could help.

Source: Plymouth Herald

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