Monday, October 27, 2014

3 Asbestos Roadshows announced for later this year

BOHS and HSE have jointly announced 3 Asbestos Roadshows happening later this year focused on asbestos. The roadshows are taking place on the following dates and locations:

  • Thursday, 20th November in Glasgow
  • Tuesday, 25th November in London
  • Thursday, 4th December in Manchester

Each roadshow event will cover the following topics:
  • Ventilation of asbestos removal enclosures
  • The practicalities of achieving the desired airflow for removal enclosures
  • The Analysts Guide in relation to Asbestos in Soils
  • Asbestos in soils – the need for qualifications and proposed qualifications
  • Identification of contaminated land
  • Dealing with contaminated land
  • UKAS accreditation for soils and analysis

You can book your place by visiting the BOHS website, with the price set at £138 for BOHS members and £174 for non-members (both prices include VAT). For more information you can also download and view the Asbestos Roadshow Flyer.

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