Thursday, December 11, 2014

STRESS! I haven't got time for Stress!

Stress in the workplace continues to increase and remains one of the most common causes of absence from work. In 2013 a survey undertaken for the HSE showed 10.4 million working days lost due to stress.

We all experience stress on some level, and small amounts of stress can help us focus on the task in hand and motivate us to move forward. It is when stress becomes continual and unmanageable, that physical and psychological problems occur. Generally, people are reluctant to recognise and acknowledge the sights and symptoms of stress in themselves perceiving it as a weakness. We are reluctant to acknowledge it in others as generally we are are at a loss as what to do about it! Hence, a vicious circle develops, and as is the nature of stress, it doesn't disappear - it increases.

SHP recently published an article to remind employers of their legal duties in relation to stress in the workplace. The article highlights ways in which employers must identify, monitor and evaluate stress levels among their workforce, and reminds us that protecting the health, safety and welfare of employees is a legal duty and the management of stress falls into this category.

C&D offer Stress Awareness and Stress Management Courses which are specifically aimed at helping with the identification of stress, it's both assessment and management and can be specifically tailored to accommodate your company requirements.

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