Monday, January 5, 2015

C&D Consultancy working with City Demolition (Birmingham) Limited

C&D Consultancy Recently carried out a hot works course for City Demolition (Birmingham) Limited early one Saturday morning. The hot works course consisted of two half’s with the first part consisting of all legal requirements relating to the safety of the regulators, bottles and pipes. After the break the operatives concentrated on the practical element were a series of drop cuts, sit cuts and step cuts were carried out. The operatives enjoyed the practical session and trainer Mike Kehoe emphasised the need for leak testing and the correct lighting and purging operations.

In addition to the course City Demolition requested that Mike carried out one to one tuition to bring on the less experienced burners. In the picture we can see Mike and one of City Demolition’s less experienced burners getting put through his paces. The picture shows that he is making fantastic progress cutting through the girder.

C&D run a series of hot works courses and can also assist less experienced burning operatives to achieve their goal.

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