Friday, January 9, 2015

Simply The Best

As one year finishes and another starts there is the inevitable rush by the media to produce articles and programmes with top ten, fifty or even one hundred “best in 2014” in the title. I’m sure, like me, you are all sick and tired of them by now. But, not to be outdone, C&D are proud to present our top ten most popular training courses in 2014, soon to be repeated on Dave!

So in reverse order we have:

10 – Site Management Safety Training
9 – Banksman Reversing Vehicles
8 – Fire Safety Awareness
7 – Fire Marshall
6 – Working at Height
5 – Manual handling
4 – Abrasive Wheels
3 – Asbestos Category B
2 – Demolition Safety Awareness

And at number 1 that old favourite - Asbestos and Demolition Safety Awareness.

In all seriousness, with the way the industry is at present many of you reading this will be in the very happy position of starting 2015 having healthy order books for the foreseeable future. This has many consequences, not least the need for more and better qualified employees. Remember your training responsibilities and let us help you with our comprehensive, (not just the above ten) training courses to suit all companies and your requirements.

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