Monday, February 2, 2015

Action On Dust

According to many industry insiders, dust could well be the next asbestos when it comes to workplace-generated illnesses. The main concerns are centred around silica, which is present in many materials found on-site. Not a nice thought bearing in mind the consequences of present day Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases.

Whilst all of us should be aware of the requirement for operatives to wear suitable and appropriate Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE), how many actually know what is suitable and appropriate for the task in hand, and that the RPE should be correctly fitted to the face?

The COSHH 2002 regulations and accompanying ACoPS stipulate the employers responsibilities when it comes to RPE, and there are also numerous guides and Toolbox Talks on the HSE website. Probably the two major points that need considering are that all face fitting testing should be done by a competent and accredited person and that records of the face fitting for all individuals should be kept and available for inspection.

C&D Consultancy's training department can help employers to comply with these requirements by providing advice by telephoning 01902 686363 or by attending one of our RPE Awareness and Face Fitting Courses, further details are available on:

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