Wednesday, May 27, 2015

During the NDTG Manager Course...

During the NDTG Manager Course the candidates spend Day 4 discussing how to demolish different types of structures and what can go wrong when simple structures are demolished incorrectly. The examples used include 3 modular single storey buildings that were demolished with no thought for "What if?" which resulted in major injuries for five people and two deaths.

One of those deaths was during a demolition at Moor Park School in Ludlow which was featured in a C&D presentation by Stuart Accleton at the Turkish Demolition Conference:

The lessons learnt from that tragic event should have increased awareness of what can happen with "simple structures' demolition, but obviously it has not as Construction Index are reporting a very similar accident that recently went to court. On this occasion the injured person was not killed but he could have been.

Remember all demolition has hazards and it is how we control and eliminate those hazards that make demolition safe.

Even a "simple" demolition can cause problems when operatives do not understand that removing bracing and supports can materially affect the structural integrity of a structure. Get your team structurally aware by booking onto a C&D/NDTG Demolition Awareness course now. Open courses every month on Saturdays in Birkenhead, Halesowen, London and from June also in Tyneside.

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