Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What does passing the APS CDM2015 exam mean for qualifications?

John Woodward and Les Hemmings recently passed the APS CDM2015 exam so what does that mean to their qualifications?

The Association for Project Safety has some very good information on this matter, which we have included below to make it clear what actually happens in this situation. Especially seeing as a new APS membership structure recently passed.

If like John and Les you recently passed the APS CDM2015 exam, RMaPS(2015) automatically became IMaPS (Incorporated Member of APS) on Thursday, 8th October. This is a re-brand and a name change. There has been no downgrade to your membership status.

There is a range of benefits to achieving IMaPS status:

- It is a recognised industry UK wide standard;
- It is a stamp of quality representing a trusted and knowledgeable professional;
- Assurance to clients;
- Synonymous with passing the CDM2015 exam;

IMaPS is simply a rebranding of RMaPS and does not affect the level of knowledge and expertise associated with this membership status.

The new membership structure is outlined in the image below:

If you are an IMaPS you can apply to become CMaPS by demonstrating that you have detailed knowledge in and understanding of four health and safety topics: 2 each in 2016 and 2 in 2017. This can be achieved either by undertaking assessed training or passing an bespoke APS online exam (20 questions) on the specialist subject.

To find out what your membership level is, simply login to your APS account using your username (your email address) and password. When logged in, your membership category will be displayed in the 'your details' section which can be located next to the 'log out' button.

For more information or to contact the APS directly with your questions, please visit the APS website.

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