Friday, November 6, 2015

HSE Principal Designer introductory event being held over the next 3 months

The HSE is holding an event at three different venues over the course of November to January to introduce the new role of Principal Designer.

The dates and initial venue details for these events are as follows:

24th November 2015, Venue (TBA), Manchester

2nd December 2015, ETC Venues Marble Arch - Garfield House, 86 Edgeware Road, London W2 2EA

27th January 2016, ETC Venues, Birmingham (TBC)

The event includes:
  • An introduction and overview to CDM 2015 and the duties of the Principal Designer
  • The role of the construction client
  • The Principal Designer's role in supporting the client
  • Obtaining and using pre-construction information
  • Appointment of designers and contractors
  • The Principal Designer's role in ensuring designers comply with their duties
  • Exploring through case study discussion the key health and safety risks construction workers can face during construction and maintenance
  • Coordinating the flow of health and safety information
  • The role of the Principal Contractor and liaison with the PD
  • Preparing the health and safety file

Attendees will walk away with the following:
  • Understand the changes introduced by CDM 2015, the policy objectives behind them, and how the Regulations enable proportionate compliance dependent on project complexity
  • Know the role and duties of the Client, Principal Designer, designers, Principal Contractor, and contractors and the relationships and interfaces with the Principal Designer
  • Know the key health and safety risks faced by construction workers and those maintaining a structure
  • Understand the importance of pre-construction information, its limitations and the need for interpretation and further investigation in some circumstances
  • Understand the importance of achieving the effective communication of and use of design information
  • Understand how effective management, coordination and monitoring during the pre-construction phase can help to eliminate or reduce risks during the construction and life of the structure
  • As PDs, be better placed to make decisions on the relevancy of pre-construction and design information they should provide to PCs for construction phase health & safety plans, and relevant information for health and safety file

If you would like to know more, or to book your place, then please visit the HSE official event page and read the entire description before clicking on the booking links at the bottom of the page.

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