Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Australian woman diagnosed with mesothelioma 30 years after exposure

Most people visiting this website already know how dangerous asbestos exposure can be, but it's still shocking to hear about real cases and the lives it destroys. The latest is an Australian mother of four from Sydney.

Serafina Salucci was exposed to asbestos at just 7 years of age when she was allowed to play with the asbestos her father used to build a garage. No other asbestos exposure has happened over the course of her life growing up or in adulthood. Then, some 30 years later, she was diagnosed with mesothelioma and no cure. Her outlook is unfortunately terminal.

She presented with a persistent cough at age 37. She went to her doctor, had a chest X-ray performed, and they thought she had pneumonia, but they soon found out it was much worse. Serafina has also had her right lung removed as well as undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy to try and remove the cancer.

Serafina soldiers on now she's 41 and is lobbying the Federal Government as an Asbestos Awareness ambassador to "restore $3 million worth of funding to the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency." But her case highlights the continued dangers and challenges faced because of asbestos.

Spreading knowledge of the dangers of asbestos helps a lot, and if you are potentially working in an environment where asbestos may be present, then training is essential. Why not book your Asbestos Awareness course via C&D by emailing stuart@demolishdismantle.co.uk.

Source: Daily Mail

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