Monday, June 13, 2016

New and Updated Industry Card Scheme

Below is a quick guide to the updated Demolition Industry specific card scheme that will be coming into use towards the end of the summer.

As can be seen, apart from the usual cards and the recently introduced Labourers card, there are two new additions.
  • The Demolition Site Visitor card is a Demolition equivalent of the CSCS Site Visitor Card, specifically for people regularly visiting Demolition sites.
  • The Demolition Chargehand card is for operatives who are leading a small group of others in a work party, but are not at the level of Supervisors.
The other change is that, apart from the Site Visitor card, all the others will have a level of NVQ assessment incorporated into the scheme.

Apart from changes to the number and type of cards, the cards themselves will also be changing. The days of having a wallet full of plastic cards will hopefully disappear, with the introduction of new smart cards which will hold details of all your current cards, NVQs etc on a single card.

There is a launch event for the scheme in mid-July which we will be attending, so watch for further updates following on from then. In the meantime the NDTG will be able to update you on the current situation at the moment.

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