Monday, July 11, 2016

Are your plant fitters competent and working to a full risk assessment & method statement?

Every now and then when you use dumpers on sites you will get a puncture which will need to be repaired on site by a visiting fitter. So have you considered the following:-

  • Is the fitter trained and competent to do the work?
  • Does he have a task specific risk assessment?
  • Does he have a task specific method statement?
  • Is the area where he will work deemed safe and free from hazards?
  • If not, how are you controlling those hazards?
  • Does he need to use an air line to inflate the tyre after repair?
  • If so, does he have an inflation cage to put the tyre into for inflation?
  • Has he done a manual handling assessment of the work?

If you think this seems excessive then take five minutes to consider "What if?" and read this article:-

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