Monday, September 21, 2015

Health risks in construction activities event October 12th

On October 12th IOSH is holding an event titled "Improve your understanding of the health risks involved in construction activities."

The event will be held at Millwall Football Club in London, and it starts at 8am and runs until 4pm. The cost is $90 +VAT for IOSH members, otherwise it's £108 +VAT.

There will be lots of experienced speakers present, including our very own John Woodward, covering a wide variety of subject matters, from health issues to legal issues within construction. The programme includes a variety of workshops that you can choose from depending on what suits you best.

Here's the description of the event by IOSH:

This joint networking seminar between IOSH London Metropolitan Branch, the IOSH Construction Group and the IOSH Health and Social Care Group will give delegates a broad understanding of the health risks in construction activities and the often simple steps that can be taken to eliminate or control them.

These risk management solutions will be presented by knowledgeable and experiences speakers in these key topics.

Having construction work done, even at a small scale, presents a number of risks to construction workers and challenges to those commissioning, supporting or undertaking that work. It has been identified that the majority of harms caused to construction workers affects their health. This seminar will present cutting edge information about the management of these risks.

The learning outcomes to be gained from this are:
  • an understanding of how the CDM framework can be used to create good outcomes on projects
  • to take away and transpose the days presentations and activities within your role
  • to be able to promote a positive health and safety culture and encourage a positive outlook on prevention during a construction project
  • an understanding of the benefits of effective health and safety management.
If you would like to attend, you can book your place(s) online, email or call 0116 2573197.

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