Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Quality Not Just Quantity. 1,016 certificates, 34 companies.

A couple of weeks ago we posted some very positive training figures for the 6 months prior to February. Some further analysis of the spreadsheets, coupled with a very busy couple of weeks since then, means we are able to announce some more accurate and up to date results. These are based on the 15-week period since the start of November last year.

Since then we have issued a total of 1,016 certificates to workers from a total of 34 different companies, spread right across the country.

The number of courses in this period amounts to 97, with by far the most popular being the Demolition Safety Awareness and the Asbestos Safety Awareness courses. On average we have had 10.5 participants on each course.

Whilst these figures make for very good reading from our point of view, especially taking into account the Christmas shutdown during this period, we also need to stress our commitment to quality as a benchmark, not just figures. We are constantly reassessing our training methods to provide courses that are as interactive as they are educational. The modern day outcomes based approach to assessing performance, teaches us that it is how different a participant is at the end of a course that is the real test. Also that for practical hands on work like ours, then hands on practical training is the best way to go.

We will continue to improve our courses in this manner and hope to ensure that the number of workers and companies that will benefit, will continue to grow.

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